Combatting Green Mould on Walls vs. Reveling in Moss Wall Art

Combatting Green Mould on Walls vs. Reveling in Moss Wall Art

Aug 24, 2023

Green Mould on Exterior Walls: The Unwanted Decoration

We all admire the aesthetic appeal of a moss wall art, but the green mould on outside walls is a different story. An uninvited guest, green mould can be a menace. Let's delve into how to eradicate it and keep your exterior pristine.

FAQs: Green Mould on External Walls

  • How do you get green mould off exterior walls? A solution of one part bleach to ten parts water, scrubbed onto the mould, can be effective.
  • Why am I getting mould on external walls? Mould thrives in damp, shaded areas. Poor ventilation and excessive moisture are common culprits.
  • What kills green mold? Solutions containing bleach, vinegar, or specialized mould removers are effective.
  • Does vinegar remove green mold? Yes, a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar can combat mould.
  • Does green mold go away? With proper treatment, it does. However, preventive measures ensure it doesn't return.
  • Is green mold in walls bad? While not as dangerous as black mould, it can exacerbate allergies and is unsightly.
  • What is the best mold remover for outside houses? Commercial mould removers are most effective, but homemade solutions like vinegar or bleach mix can also work.

The Timeless Allure of Preserved Moss Wall Art

While you fend off the green mould outdoors, let's talk about the captivating beauty of moss indoors. The Moss the Walls collection, for instance, is a blend of nature, luxury, and artistic craftsmanship.

Unlike other art pieces that you commission and wait for, Moss the Walls ensures your chosen artwork is ready to ship. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you'll be entranced by pieces like the Large Moss Wall Art, all crafted from preserved moss.

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