The Art of Preserving Moss for Wall Art

The Art of Preserving Moss for Wall Art

Aug 19, 2023

The Magic Behind Preserved Moss Wall Art

For those with a penchant for nature-inspired décor, Moss the Walls offers a mesmerizing range of moss wall art. But ever wondered how this vibrant green moss remains fresh for years? Let's unveil the secrets of preserved moss and its application in wall art.

How is Moss Preserved?

Preserving moss involves a meticulous process where the natural sap is replaced with a mixture of glycerin, water, and food coloring. This not only retains the moss's soft texture but also ensures its longevity without the need for sunlight or water.

How long does preserved moss last?

With proper care, preserved moss can maintain its lush appearance for several years, making it a sustainable choice for interior décor.

How are moss walls preserved?

Moss walls are crafted using preserved moss, ensuring they remain vibrant and maintenance-free for years. The preservation process ensures the moss retains its natural look without the need for regular upkeep.

How do you keep preserved moss alive?

Interestingly, preserved moss doesn't "live" in the traditional sense. It requires no water, sunlight, or soil. Simply keep it away from direct sunlight and high humidity to maintain its appearance.

What happens if preserved moss gets wet?

While it can handle occasional splashes, prolonged exposure to water can affect its texture. If it gets wet, ensure it dries thoroughly to prevent potential mold growth.

Is preserved moss healthy?

Yes! Preserved moss is non-toxic and can even help in maintaining indoor humidity levels, making it a healthy choice for homes and offices.

Is preserved moss safe?

Absolutely. Preserved moss is treated with non-toxic solutions, making it safe for households, even with pets and children.

The Moss the Walls Difference

  • Attention to Detail: Every piece of moss wall art reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and design.
  • Ready-to-Ship: While many moss art pieces are made on commission, our collection is ready to adorn your walls immediately, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Large Moss Wall Art: Our large pieces are not just bigger in size but also in impact, making a statement in any room.

Experience Nature's Beauty with Moss Wall Art

From the geometric patterns of the Honeycomb hexagon Moss Wall Art set to the serene beauty of the Circle Moss wall art, our collection promises a touch of nature for every space. Dive into the world of moss with us and elevate your interiors to new heights.