Sage & Twine Blog post about The Benefits of Having a Moss Terrarium in Your Living Space and Moss Wall Art

The Benefits of Having a Moss Terrarium in Your Living Space and Moss Wall Art

Sep 05, 2023

The Benefits of Having a Moss Terrarium in Your Living Space

Welcome back to the lap of luxury and lush greenery at Moss the Walls. Today, we’re diving deep into how a moss terrarium or a piece of exquisite moss wall art can elevate not just your living space but your entire well-being.

What are the Benefits of Moss in Your Home?

Moss adds a touch of serenity and a dash of color to any room. But it’s not just about aesthetics. Moss also acts as a natural humidifier and air purifier. How fabulous is that?

What are the Benefits of Having a Terrarium?

A terrarium acts like a tiny greenhouse, providing a self-sufficient, low-maintenance ecosystem. Plus, it’s a unique and chic way to bring nature into your home.

What is the Purpose of Moss in a Terrarium?

Moss plays a crucial role in a terrarium. It creates a lush backdrop, helps maintain moisture, and provides a living carpet for your miniature garden.

What Do You Think Moss Needs to Live and Grow?

  • Indirect light
  • Moisture, but not too much!
  • A good quality soil

What are the Benefits of a Moss Bowl?

A moss bowl is like a terrarium, but easier. It’s a simpler setup that gives you all the greenery benefits without the fuss. Perfect for the modern, busy woman.

How Do You Keep Moss Alive at Home?

Just a light misting of water every few days and a spot where it can receive indirect sunlight should keep your moss happy and thriving.

How Does Moss Affect Humans?

Aside from its aesthetic and air purifying qualities, moss can have a calming and stress-relieving effect, turning your home into a sanctuary.

Can You Have Moss in Your House?

Absolutely, yes! And what’s better than a moss bowl or terrarium? A stunning piece of large moss wall art, made with preserved moss and tailored to your aesthetic needs.

Preserved Moss Wall Art: The Epitome of Luxury and Care

At Moss the Walls, we take attention to detail to the next level. Our moss wall art pieces are usually made on commission to fit your specific requirements. But here’s the thing, we also have ready-to-ship options available, all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ready to Moss Up Your Walls?

If all this talk about moss has got you intrigued, why not check out our collection? From Honeycomb Hexagon sets to circle moss wall art and vertical moss wall art in walnut, we have something for every taste.

Have questions? Our Contact Us page is always open for you. Can't wait to help you transform your living space!