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How to Create a DIY Circle Moss Wall Art Piece

Aug 10, 2023

How to Create a DIY Circle Moss Wall Art Piece

Craving a touch of nature in your home? Look no further than the world of moss wall art. In this guide, we'll explore how you can craft your own piece, blending the beauty of nature with personalized style.

Getting Started: Materials and Preparation

Crafting your moss wall art requires certain materials and a bit of preparation.

  • Preserved Moss: This is your main element. Ensure you choose high-quality moss, such as the ones found in the Moss the Walls collection.
  • Circle Frame: Depending on your desired size, pick a frame that will serve as the base for your moss art.
  • Adhesive: A strong, non-toxic adhesive ensures the moss stays in place. Some prefer moss paint, which is a blend of moss, yogurt, and sugar, while others use traditional glue.

Steps to Create Your Circle Moss Wall Art

  1. Clean the frame thoroughly, ensuring there's no dust or dirt.
  2. If using moss paint, blend your ingredients to get a thick consistency and paint it on the frame.
  3. For those using adhesive, apply a thin layer to the frame.
  4. Press the preserved moss onto the adhesive or paint, ensuring full coverage.
  5. Let it dry for a day, hanging it vertically for best results.
  6. Once dried, your moss wall art is ready to adorn your space.

Is Moss Wall Art a Sustainable Choice?

Absolutely! Moss wall art is not only visually pleasing but also environmentally friendly. The preserved moss doesn't require watering, sunlight, or regular maintenance.

Tips for Decorating with Moss

Aside from the circle moss wall art, there's a plethora of ways you can decorate using moss. Moss balls, poles, and green walls add a refreshing touch. Looking for inspiration? Check out pieces like the Large Moss Wall Art or the chic Vertical Moss Wall Art In Walnut.

Why Choose Moss Wall Art?

Moss wall art isn't just about aesthetics. It embodies calm, serenity, and a connection with nature. Especially with pieces from Moss the Walls, you're ensured attention to detail and top-notch quality.

Most moss wall art pieces are crafted on commission, providing a unique touch to each artwork. However, for those eager to get their hands on these beauties, ready-to-ship pieces come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, dive into the world of moss art and bring a slice of nature into your abode.


Moss wall art brings together nature and artistry, creating a unique and peaceful ambiance in your home. Whether you craft your piece or choose from the exquisite Moss the Walls collection, it's a journey worth exploring.